Please enjoy the trailer for our new short film “What Goes Around,” a gritty crime thriller shot in South Boston. In this film my role was Director of Photography.   Producers Norman Lang and Calogero LoGrasso Written by Calogero LoGrasso Directed by Norman Lang Director of Photography: Rick Macomber Sound Production: Billy Rosenthal Charlie: Jo Pino Rock Steve: Costigliola Sal: Calogero LoGrasso Micky: Jeff Czarnec Landlord: Kevin Devlin Cop: Frank Mancini Barmaid: Emma Laing Sonny: Sonny McColgan Misty: Misty Borden […]

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    Here is my latest demo reel including my work in both narrative and corporate filmmaking as a Director of Photography. Music soundtrack: “Inspiring Innovations,” purchased on melodyloops.com.

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  • Sun Dancer

    Sun Dancer in Super Slow Motion

    Welcome to Sun Dancer. Maya Simone is a dancer, model and actress living in Boston. This short film was shot in super slow motion at 240 frames per second with the Sony RX10 MKIII to focus on the delicate fine motor skills of a professional ballet dancer. Maya was was a real trooper for this shoot, showing up on set before dawn at the Boston Public Garden on a cold New England morning. Her wardrobe was basically a thin lace […]

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  • DEAD

    DEAD Halloween Special Starring: James Sullenberger Art Sesnovich Peter Stefan Voice – Roy Merkin Writers: Andrew Justin Smith Art Sesnovitch Directed by Norman Lang Director of Photography Rick Macomber Sound Billy Rosenthal Makeup Pearl Lung Lang Productions Macomber Productions Centre Place Creative Special thanks to Graham Putnam & Mahoney Funeral Home for the gracious use of their location.

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  • The Making of One Day in Boston – Project Right

    THE MAKING OF ONE DAY IN BOSTON – PROJECT RIGHT One Day in Boston is one of those passion projects I try to do every year. It can be fun and challenging to dig up a good story to shoot all in one day that’s both emotionally charged and interesting to watch. I’ve been participating in this project since it began in 2010 when it was called One Day on Earth 10-10-10. It’s still part of One Day on Earth, […]

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  • PARIS “Joie de vivre”

    Parisians are very proud of their culture. It can be observed everywhere you turn in their magnificent city. In a cafe, bakery, and in the architecture, even the street musicians. “Joie de vivre” or joy of life as they say. And that’s what I say too after documenting my trip to lovely Paris! One of the things I really enjoyed was observing how Parisians live and savor everyday moments. At sunset they sit along the banks of the Seine river […]

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  • Urban Coastal Sustainability Initiative at NU Marine Science Center

    Northeastern University’s Marine Science Center is situated on the rocky coastline of Nahant, Massachusetts, making it the ideal location for students and faculty members to conduct marine research on these coastal habitats and to spearhead Northeastern’s Urban Coastal Sustainability initiative. Although this was a fun shoot and the views were breathtaking, it was also a dangerous setup because we had to move our equipment to the edge of a cliff so we could line up the Boston skyline behind one […]

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  • Circle of Tapawingo – A Program of Circle Camps of Grieving Children

    Circle of Tapawingo is the pilot program for Circle Camps for Grieving Children. Circle Camps offers a week of free overnight camp for girls who have suffered the death of a parent. This powerful story takes a look at how a bereavement camp in Maine helps heal the pain of young girls grieving the loss of a parent. Produced/edited by Rick Macomber, co-produced Julie Geer and beautifully shot by Chris Loughran, this story will pull at your heartstrings. Learn more […]

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    Here’s the latest Air Traffic Controller music video from their NORDO album titled “Ready or Not,” written by singer/songwriter Dave Munro. We shot the entire story with the Canon C300, both the narrative and the performance segments, using Kessler Cranes, Kessler Pocket Dolly, Kessler Stealth slider, Tilta rig, ikan D7w monitor and a Glidecam HD 4000 with the forearm support brace. What I love about the Canon C300 EOS Cinema Camera is how it can be rigged up for handheld […]

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    While in NYC just a day before Sandy landed in lower Manhattan I took a stroll through Washington Square Park in the village with no intent on shooting a frame of video. But after listening to the Baby Soda jazz band in the square, I switched over to movie mode and produced this short film for them on a whim. The setup was handheld. No rig for my Canon 60D. I chose to shoot a song that was upbeat for […]

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Recent Videos

  • Mt. Washinton Summit shoot


    Camera related injuries. They could easily be called the “Shooter’s Affliction.” Repetitive strain injuries. RSI.  Bulging discs in your lower back. Referred nerve pain. Tendonitis. Injuries that are sustained slowly over time from repetitive strain on the human body. In other words – from doing the same movements with your battery loaded camera and heavy tripod over and over again for long enough to cause serious damage. Oh and did I mention that pack on your back filled with extra […]

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  • Boston Stock Footage


    Boston video production company Macomber Productions is constantly updating our stock footage of every location we visit. Here’s some HD Boston stock footage. If there is any stock footage you are searching for, please inquire with us to see if we have what you need. If we don’t have it, we’ll shoot it!  

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  • Something in the basement.


    MALLAS, MA I was very fortunate to be asked to join the Boston video production team “Fix It In Post” as Director of Photography for this fantastic first time experience collaborating on the 2013 Boston 48 Hour Film Project. Our film is about two bumbling con artists who try to pull one over on a small, superstitious town by posing as paranormal investigators. A fun, collaborative short an Audience Choice Award winner at the 2013 Boston 48 Hour Film Project: […]

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  • Side view of Tilta rig


    *** NEW INFO: I have been contacted by many of you about purchasing Tilta gear. I just got back from NAB Show 2013 and we spoke to Tilta about the problems contacting the US distributor. Team Tilta is no longer the US distributor for these rigs. The new US distributor is Ikan. Here’s their website: ikancorp.com/productfamily.php?id=199 A Chinese company named Team Tilta has designed a new camera rig system that looks like something out of a Terminator film. On par […]

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  • The BOLT is my cup of tea.

    Switronix Torch LED BOLT Review

    Switronix Torch LED BOLT. This is the newest member of the Switronix Torch LED family. It’s called the BOLT. It’s 1/6th the size of a 12 inch LED Panel and it’s 2 times as bright. No kidding. It has two dimmers – one for the 32K set of LEDS and one for the 56K LEDS. You can control them separately or blend both the tungsten and daylight LEDs together to deliver a very bright light with a color temperature of […]

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  • Canon Cinema C300 Night Shoot Collaboration

    Canon Cinema C300 Night Shoot Collaboration

    Any time someone asks me to be DP on a shoot with a Canon Cinema C300 I pretty much drop everything and acquiesce. Especially if that someone is my pal Paul Antico of Anticipate Media, who just happens to own one. Paul and I had been discussing doing another collaboration with his C300 after working together recently on the first Boston  Under 3 Minute Film Challenge. We also wanted to shoot something that would showcase how beautifully the C300 performs […]

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  • Helping Emma cry

    “Anniversary Day” 1st Boston 3 Minute Short Film Challenge

    Boston video production work comes to Salem, MA for the 1st 3 Minute Short Film Challenge Emma and Dan Talbot are celebrating their wedding anniversary. But sometimes love in the suburbs can get a bit messy. Below is one of my shots I borrowed from my favorite film Pulp Fiction. You can hear subtle references to Tarantino’s work in some of the dialogue I wrote for this script. So here it is. The first “Under 3 Minute Film Challenge” sponsored […]

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  • Couple Enjoys Sunset

    The Willows

    Salem, Massachusetts is one of those coastal towns on the north shore of Boston that has lots of character. I’ve shot many films in Salem since moving here. It’s an historical and colorful place with the tales of the Salem witches and the Mardi Gras atmosphere of Halloween (see my short: Halloween Carnival vimeo.com/16388984) But when all the tourists have left and summer arrives, locals flock to The Willows, a honky tonk picnic area with beautiful aging willow trees, arcades, […]

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  • Baylee does The Hustle

    How a BOSCPUG Canon C300 test film became “HUSTLE”

    It all began innocently enough as a 3 hour test shoot using Canon’s new Cinema EOS C300 digital cinema camera. Boston Creative Pro User Group (BOSCPUG) Founder/Producer and buddy Dan Berube received a C300 loaner on short notice from Canon to carry with him so he could have it on hand at the San Francisco SuperMeet which Dan produces. Realizing the opportunity, Dan dialed up Boston based cinematographers Chris Loughran, Ben Eckstein and myself to see if we were interested […]

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  • Chillin'

    Little India Tekka Wet Market

    Back in Singapore again. I’ve pretty much seen most of this tiny island by now, even if it keeps evolving each time I come back. The Chinese are pumping money into the economy and the current commercial construction here would make your head spin. One of my facebook friends said it best when viewing a photo of Marina Bay Center I posted: “What planet are you visiting?” Since I’ve already done all the tourist locations, I wanted to make a […]

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