Urban Coastal Sustainability Initiative at NU Marine Science Center


Tiny New England crab

Northeastern University’s Marine Science Center is situated on the rocky coastline of Nahant, Massachusetts, making it the ideal location for students and faculty members to conduct marine research on these coastal habitats and to spearhead Northeastern’s Urban Coastal Sustainability initiative.


Marine Blue Mussel almost becomes a meal


Interview setup on Nahant coastline

Although this was a fun shoot and the views were breathtaking, it was also a dangerous setup because we had to move our equipment to the edge of a cliff so we could line up the Boston skyline behind one of the professors we were interviewing.


Over the edge of the cliff

There was also a hair raising moment while leaning over the edge of a high cliff so we could capture the scientists while they were examining tidal pools below.


New England red lobster


Two camera shoot on a cliff

It’s never easy to fit succinct sound bites from six different university faculty members into the required 5 minutes of time that was allocated for this film and have it all make sense! But we managed to pull it off and give NU what they were looking for once again!

Canon EOS C300: Rick Macomber
Sony F3: Chris Loughran
Interviewer: Lori Lennon
Additional interview with Dean, College of Science shot by: Kara Sassone
Editor: Rick Macomber
Colorist: Chris Loughran


Marine Scientists climbing down cliff

It was such a pleasure working with NU’s Lori Lennon again on this wonderful and enlightening project. Thanks so much to Lori, Kara Sassone and all the people at NU College of Science.

This short film was produced by Macomber Productions.


New England Blue Lobster



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