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  • Hide and Seek From Her Favorite Chair

    Tribute to Ginger

    This is a tribute to our pet cat Ginger, who recently passed away. The thumbnail image above for the video was taken during early morning hours. It’s a memorable moment played out every day where Ginger would hide behind the back of her favorite chair and peek out at me. Whenever I came home she would run over to that chair and begin her hide and seek ritual. When we first saw Ginger at Northeast Animal Shelter seventeen years ago, […]

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  • 50mm f1.4 Brew Bokeh

    Life in Singapore

      For me… traveling to Singapore has become like slipping into my favorite pair of shoes. Comfortable. It’s become my favorite city to visit – metropolitan, diverse people, great food and they speak English. I’ve also grown somewhat accustomed to the long trip – almost 24 hours to get there. From New York it’s about 14 hours to Tokyo. Then another 7 hours to Singapore. Not that I’m advocating drugs… but self medication is a must to help pass the […]

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  • Healing Hands

    Natural Living Expo Promo

    I had the pleasure of shooting a promotional film for the Natural Living Expo presented by Spirit of Change magazine. It takes place in Sturbridge, MA. and it’s the largest Holistic event of its kind in New England. Shot on Canon 60D and Sony EX1 For more info please visit their website: Natural Living Expo You can also like them on facebook: Natural Living Expo on Facebook  

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  • Watching the Flock Come Home

    11-11-11 One Day on Earth – Boston

    Up until the final moments before sunset I still had no idea what I was going to do for One Day on Earth this year. As a matter of fact, I had been so busy working all day, I was about to blow the whole thing off and head home… until I saw the sun setting across the street from the TV studio along the Charles River, a place where only a few weeks ago had been the staging area […]

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  • Prism Student

    Mathematics is the Lanuage of the Universe

                  This is the extended version of the promotional film for Northeastern University’s Math Department. It includes information from professors and students about the Prism Program, the Coop Program and the Reaserch and Graduate Studies Programs. Special thanks to Brian Sullivan for shooting the interviews with the former co-op students at John Hancock.                                           […]

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  • Ben Ekstein bedazzled by light

    BTS from Big Ole’ Lens Test Party – Macomber Productions

                  So… what do you do when you are invited to hang at a lens test party with a bunch of cinematographers slinging cool gear and a promise of free food? A sort of lingerie party for guys? You shoot a BTS short film of course! And that’s exactly what I did as DPs Ben Eckstein, Chris Loughran and the gang scrutinized a plethora of lenses ranging in price from $350 to $20,000 on […]

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  • Geylang Woman

    Selamat Hari Raya Singapore

                                      Singapore. It keeps calling me. Small – but big. A bustling metropolis – but super clean. People have asked me if the rumors about chewing gum being illegal there are true.  In a way… yes. Gum was banned in Singapore in 1992. The importing or sale of gum was banned as well. That’s one of the reasons the city stays so spotless. So […]

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  • Sara + Matt

    A Good Day for Sara + Matt from Macomber Productions

                                Such a happy couple in love, Sara + Matt were a joy to work with on this perfect day at Castle Hill in Newport, RI. The operatic duet at the beginning of this trailer was performed live at the church.                                                     […]

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  • Tekka Wet Market Fish

    Tekka Market Trailer, Little India in Singapore

                                    Back in Singapore again. I’ve pretty much seen most of this tiny island by now, even if it keeps evolving each time I come back. The Chinese are pumping money into the economy and the current commercial construction here would make your head spin. One of my facebook friends said it best when viewing the photo of Marina Bay Center I posted below: “What […]

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  • NU Lab

    Northeastern University Physics Co-op Promo

                  This DSLR short was part of a series of three promotional films for Northeastern University in Boston. There were lots of locations for the interviews so we had many setups and break downs during the day. Some of the interviews were shot with natural light and some were lit.                                                 […]

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