Moment in San Diego


San Diego Skyline









I was in San Diego for a few days with a Canon T2i, a 17-50mm f2.8 and my trusty Gorillapod.


OB street musician poses for my camera.









I didn’t go to shoot anything really. Basically just visiting my daughter. A personal trip. But I just couldn’t ignore the street musician with the Wayfarers on his weathered face playing classical guitar on Ocean Beach.


OB Boardwalk, San Diego








Or allow any of the gorgeous west coast sunsets I witnessed on Pacific Beach and Coronado Island to melt into the ocean without grabbing some footage.


San Diego Sunset










Ocean Beach Pier










Ocean Beach French Fry Vulture













Ocean Beach Surfer












The street musician on OB allowed me to shoot around him until exactly one minute into his tune when there was suddenly a major drug bust going down nearby. Police choppers invaded the sky and cruiser sirens cut through his vocals. The dude got very freaked out and stopped playing. Guess they harshed his mellow. I was able to save him from hitting the cutting room floor by finding this awesome tune by Kevin MacLeod “Laid Back Guitars” and laying it down over some shots.


Crystal Pier on Pacific Beach









Later that same day… I shot a handheld sequence from under and around Crystal Pier on PB and watched the sun go down with my daughter.


Under Crystal Pier on Pacific Beach









This short DSLR film is the result of a handful of shots filmed around Ocean Beach and Pacific Beach. It’s dedicated to Coree,

who has the spirit of  her father : )

Shot & Edited by Rick Macomber


Coree at Coronado Island












Camera: Canon T2i with Tamron 17-50mm f2.8

cutting tools: FCP

color grading: Magic Bullet Looks

Soundtrack by Kevin MacLeod: “Laid Back Guitars”



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