Inside Johnny Chronic Trailer by Macomber Productions

Some say their music is controversial. Most love them once they hear them perform live. Macomber Productions brings you the trailer for a new DSLR short film about two ordinary blue collar guys who kick some ass when they write… sing and play in local bars around the Boston area. It’s just a peek “INSIDE JOHNNY CHRONIC.”

Shot and edited by Rick Macomber using a Canon T2i with a Tamron 17-50mm f2.8 and H4n digital recorder

Edited on FCP and graded with Magic Bullet Looks


Johnny Chronic tells all



  1. Michael Calderone says:

    Good Shit!!

  2. Herbert Silk says:

    We can’t thank you enough…… your work speaks of your tallent & good sence.

    this summer we have to go to georges island, for more footage ….. keep up the

    ” FANTASTIC ” work…. & TYK

  3. Diane Ellis says:

    Johhny Chronic is my brother; who’m I am very proud of! He has such an interesting and creating way of expressing himself through his music….funny, comical, introspective, pulling on my heart strings reactions to some of his tunes. Whether it’s a satire, or political, or just pokin’fun in an observational way….Johnny is obviously “One of a Kind” artist who needs to be listened to and appreciated! I love my Bro! Diane xo

    • Could not have said it better Diane. Yeah Johnny has quite an interesting mind. And he can sing and play that guitar like a rock star! Thanks for stopping by the website. Please pass the link around to all your friends so they can stay tuned for the soon to be released short film!

  4. Marianne Ciarlone says:

    Great job John, I want more.

  5. lenny says:

    Great clip guys cant wait for the feature!

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