“Notes On Video” Flour Bakery Promo

I first met blogger Michael Murie when he answered one of my tweets on twitter I sent putting out the call for a crew and a glidecam for a music video I was producing for my friend Dave Munro and his band, Air Traffic Controller. Michael sent back a DM asking if he could shoot a “behind the scenes” video for his blog “Notes On Video” while I was working on our video, “Brightest Moon.” I said, “Yeah sure. Come down!”  I’m glad he showed up because not only did he produce an informative BTS video about our music video shoot, I clicked on another great new social networking friend from twitter to boot!

I bumped into Michael at the latest BOSFCPUG DSLR Meetup at EP Levine, where lots of Boston based filmmakers gather once a month to screen their latest short films. Here’s more on that meetup from Michael’s Boston DSLR Meetup Report.

I had a great time that night watching all the short films, screening the Flour Bakery promo and as always, the pizza was yummy… and FREE!!!

Here is Michael’s Flour promo blog.




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