Rick Macomber on The Steve Katsos Show

So here I am doing some shtick for a handheld camera in a dressing room at Arlington Cable studios with funny man Steve Katsos.


Rick Macomber and Steve Katsos

We’re going over the pronunciation of my last name while Steve preps for his weekly cable TV program: The Steve Katsos Show. How did I get here? Me? A guy who always works behind the lens? Rewind to months earlier when I had agreed to shoot a music video for my friend Dave Munro’s band, Air Traffic Controller. You can read more about that in this blog. I first met Dave through his brother Jeff Munro, who runs an awesome acoustic open mic at Hugh O’Neill’s Pub in Malden every Wednesday night, where I have been known to strum a few tunes in my spare time. Did I just say “spare time?” Jeff also just happens to be the station manager at Arlington Cable, or AMCI (Arlington Community Media Inc). Making sense yet? I had also bumped into Steve Katsos professionally while covering big media events in Boston for CBS. Steve runs sound as a freelancer for various production companies in his other life. Steve has also had Dave Munro on his show to perform some of his original songs live in the studio. Now you seen where this is going right? Anyway, I had a blast doing the show with a live studio audience and a house band. And we have a youtube video to prove it. Roll that clip please…




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