Northeastern Undergrad Macomber Productions Promo

Northeastern University contracted Macomber Productions to produce this new promotional film for their website. We were on a tight schedule but managed to get most of the shoot done in one day, including the b roll. For this shoot we used a combination of softbox tungsten light for some of the interviews and soft natural window light with 56K backlight for others. Since the schedule was tight and there was minimal setup time for lighting, it was key to have a good understanding of how to use good natural daylight whenever we could. We chose rooms that had large picture windows for these interviews and either used them as a key light or a backlight and added 56K soft light where needed.

For audio we used an H4n digital recorder with Sony wireless lav mics. Where there was excessive room noise, like we encountered in the laser lab, we switched over to a Seinnheiser directional shotgun mic to kwell the unwanted sounds.

On this shoot we used Canon 5D and 550D and edited on FCP. Color grading was done with Magic Bullet Looks.



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