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  • The Making of One Day in Boston – Project Right

    The Making of One Day in Boston – Project Right

    THE MAKING OF ONE DAY IN BOSTON – PROJECT RIGHT One Day in Boston is one of those passion projects I try to do every year. It can be fun and challenging to dig up a good story to shoot all in one day that’s both emotionally charged and interesting to watch. I’ve been participating in this project since it began in 2010 when it was called One Day on Earth 10-10-10. It’s still part of One Day on Earth, […]

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  • Mt. Washinton Summit shoot


    Camera related injuries. They could easily be called the “Shooter’s Affliction.” Repetitive strain injuries. RSI.  Bulging discs in your lower back. Referred nerve pain. Tendonitis. Injuries that are sustained slowly over time from repetitive strain on the human body. In other words – from doing the same movements with your battery loaded camera and heavy tripod over and over again for long enough to cause serious damage. Oh and did I mention that pack on your back filled with extra […]

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