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  • Something in the basement.


    MALLAS, MA I was very fortunate to be asked to join the Boston video production team “Fix It In Post” as Director of Photography for this fantastic first time experience collaborating on the 2013 Boston 48 Hour Film Project. Our film is about two bumbling con artists who try to pull one over on a small, superstitious town by posing as paranormal investigators. A fun, collaborative short an Audience Choice Award winner at the 2013 Boston 48 Hour Film Project: […]

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  • PARIS “Joie de vivre”

    PARIS “Joie de vivre”

    Parisians are very proud of their culture. It can be observed everywhere you turn in their magnificent city. In a cafe, bakery, and in the architecture, even the street musicians. “Joie de vivre” or joy of life as they say. And that’s what I say too after documenting my trip to lovely Paris! One of the things I really enjoyed was observing how Parisians live and savor everyday moments. At sunset they sit along the banks of the Seine river […]

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