Demo Reel 2012 from Macomber Productions

This is my new reel from Macomber Productions. Some of this work was shot for clients. Some just for my own personal projects. I used a Canon 60D for most of the gigs. The exception was a really fun collaboration shoot I did with the Boston Creative Pro User Group with a Canon C300 for the short film called “HUSTLE.” The shots I used in my demo were some of the ones in which I was the DP. You can see the entire film here. Learn more about how HUSTLE was created by visiting my website for this cool BTS.


Directing Master Wide Shot for Hustle

The other exception was the more serious Canon C300 collaboration I did with Paul Antico and Michael Murie from the short film called “The Cost.” The clips I included here are also shots in which I was the DP. You can watch “The Cost” here.


Slider Shot of Murie for The Cost


Singapore Skyline Timelapse Work

The Singapore timelapse work was shot with both a 60D and a GoPro Hero 2.

Even though I’m a strong believer in the phrase: “it’s not about the gear… it’s about the story…” you can really see a big difference between the 60D and the C300 in how the clips hold up after compression and uploading to vimeo.


Fifties on Pool Table from Hustle

I want to thank Mike Sutton, Kessler Crane, Dan Chung, Preston Kanak, Chris Loughran, Dan Berube, Paul Antico and Michael Murie for supporting my work and for helping me to move forward from my many years as TV photojournalist to the possibilities that lay ahead in this exciting digital age.



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