Seaport Salon and Day Spa

Who doesn’t like a day at the spa? Everyone should treat themselves to a full body pampering once in a while. This shoot was produced for my friend Susan Mulvihill Meldrum, owner/operator of The Seaport Salon and Day Spa, located on Lynn Harbor in Lynn, Massachusetts.


Seaport Salon and Day Spa









Seaport Salon Hair Styling











When I did the site survey and checked out the interior, I knew immediately that I wanted this film to impart the tonal warmth and relaxing atmosphere of the treatment rooms.  With that in mind, I needed the lighting design to be very warm – somewhere in the 2500-2800K range. My vision was to fill the rooms with as many candles as possible for ambient light and background bokeh. Then use Micro LED Litepanels with amber gels, mounted on articulating arms as subtle fill lights where needed. These lights were perfect for DSLR shooting as they are battery operated and have dimmer control. The articulating arms allowed me to offset the direction of the soft light. But as you can see by the above photos, the main interior space was flooded with giant windows, washing the room in 5600K daylight. And even closing the blinds presented problems with the daylight creeping in. So in the finished cut of this film, I had to color grade with Magic Bullet for two looks: the larger daylight space that was lit with my 5600K LEDs for fill and backlight…  and the warm and cozy 2800K treatment rooms that were lit with candles and the Micro LED Litepanels with the amber gels. I hope this film sends out the positive vibes I was looking to produce for Sue and her Salon!


Seaport Salon Facials










Seaport Salon Massage









Seaport Massage Hands










Seaport Salon Full Body Treatment









The Seaport Salon and Day Spa offers complete hair and skin treatments, including shiatsu massage.


Shot on a Canon T2i, Tamron 17-55mm f2.8
and Canon 50mm f1.4 lenses

Edited on FCP



  1. denise Hansen says:

    This is the most elegant salon and day spa I ever been to!! Very proffesional people!! great reviews, and go on down!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is the only salon I trust! been going for 5 years and prior to that, had many bad hair cuts & colors from other “professional’s” who weren’t very professional and I always hated the results, swore I’d never get my hair done again, until I met Sue via a friend. This friend always had the most gorgeous styles, cuts and colors and never a bad hair day! So I took my chance and since never a bad hair day of my own…

  3. Gail Wilkinson says:

    oops..that comment from anonymous wasn’t meant to be anonymous!

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